Who We Are?

Nylon fishing net supplier. Wenzhou Xinghai Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Wenzhou Fishing Net Factory, found in 1993) is located in Zeya town, Wenzhou City, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Now we own 12,000 square meters factory and have employed more than 250 staff members after through SO9001:2008 certification.

Our factory now has 42 netting machines, 2 sets of vacuum machines and 2 large longitudinal setting machines. Applicable twine range of fishing net is nylon monofilament net with diameter of 0.06MM-1.5MM and nylon multifilament net 210D/2-210D/120ply, and mesh size ranges from 20MM to 800MM.

We produce more than 80 tons of products per month and we also have gotten the ability to produce a variety of colored meshes. The net, produced by us, is deeply welcomed by customers at home and abroad. Nylon fishing net, It is firm in knot and smooth and clean in appearance with high strength.


"People-Oriented, Positive and Pragmatic" is our operation...

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